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We can help you start your own outsourcing business in the Philippines or you can utilize PH Web's existing offices to augment your staff.

We can help you find full-time or part-time staff in the Philippines for call center operations,
contact center operations, 247 customer service and support, recruitment process outsourcing, web design and development, transcription, data-entry, writing for SEO, video editing, and quality control.

Call Center Outsourcing Philippines - Labor Prices

Contact Center Agents (Per 40 Hour Work Week):

CALL CENTER AGENT From $1499 Per Month
The Call Center Agents are used for inbound or outbound calls depending on your needs. A Call Center Agent speaks fluent English and is computer and web savvy. They will have worked 1 or more years in inbound or outbound call centers. This price includes unlimited outbound and inbound calls to the US and Canada.

WEB SUPPORT AGENT From $1299 Per Month

Through emails and live chat, a Web Support Agent can be used for information gathering, sales, up-sales, customer service etc. These individuals will possess excellent understanding of English, grammar, and will have intermediate to advanced typing skills. They will have worked 1 or more years in a contact center.

Common Philippines Outsourcing BPO Tasks and Labor Rates

Outsource Task-Based BPO Staff Leasing Prices:

The following Back Office tasks can easily be outsourced. Below is the minimum labor rate per month for a full time employee who works a standard 40 hour work week. Call us when you are thinking of hiring an Outsourced:

Virtual Administrative Assistant
from $999 Per Month

Virtual Family Assistant
from $799 Per Month

Web Site Live Help Support Rep
from $999 Per Month

Creative Content Writer
from $999 Per Month

Proof Reader
from $899 Per Month

Data Entry Clerk
from $899 Per Month

Book Keeper
from $999 Per Month

from $1499 Per Month

from $1299 Per Month

from $999 Per Month

Quality Assurance and Data Entry Agents
from $799 Per Month

RPO Staff
from $1295 Per Month

Use your imagination! Can you think of more outsourced tasks that can be performed remotely? Let us know! We would love to be able to offer you new services.

Inbound Call Center Agents

Running a successful online business is a lot more than putting up a website and walking away. All the uber-successful online companies use today's technology to provide unprecedented levels of support for their prospects and customers.

PHWeb supplies call center and contact center agents in the Philippines to take care of your daily monotonous tasks via live chat, email or telephone. Our call center runs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. All of our agents speak fluent english and have excellent computer skills.

Our agents are trained to respond to inbound inquires like package tracking requests, return request approvals, sales support, order taking, general inquiries, damaged shipment reports, customer call-backs, lead follow-up, help desk, technical support and more.

Contact Us to find out how you can provide affordable customer care for your business or website.

Outbound Call Center Agents

Do you run a business with a complex sales cycle? PH Web can help you with your outbound call center needs. We provide outbound telephone call center services such as Telemarketing, Market Research, Appointment Confirmation & Follow-up, Dispatch Confirmation & Follow up, Lead Generation, Lead Qualification, Customer Surveys, Accounts Receivable & Collections and more.

If you are looking to outsource some of your task-based work, contact us for your free consultation on how we can help you expand your BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to the Philippines.

Please visit our Portfolio and Pricing Page to learn more.

Specifics about our services

We can help you establish your initial or redesigned web presence, inexpensively, without sacrificing quality.
PHWeb can assist you with economical website development, Flash development and scripting, banner design, logo design.We provide web maintenance and update services to keep your website current, saving you time, money and aggravation. All web sites have a need for regular website maintenance. Constant and relevant updates are critical to attract returning visitors and achieving high search engine rankings. Read More


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