Real-Time Website Monitoring

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Jump ahead of your competition with real-time website monitoring.

Greet every visitor to your website just like a WalMart Greeter!
Imagine your website as the “front door” or “front desk” to your business.
Just like in real life when you greet a real person in your physical establishment, you can actually GREET every visitor to your website.

Your website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Every surfer to your website is a potential customer. Do you have someone to man the store?

Wouldn’t you want to contact the surfers on your website in real time? This technology is so new that you rarely see it! Now you can reach out and let your potential customers know that you are right there with them and ready to help give them the support they need. You will make and close more sales.
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Are you a company who relies on leads from your website to generate business? PI Outsource believes that real time website monitoring is the single most important and effective way to generate new business. It will literally blow your customers away!

Other highlighted features of website monitoring include the ability to create your own questions, auto inviting visitors, referer tracking, page tracking, ability to view what the customer is typing as they type, multiple chat sessions, sound alert, leave a message if offline, push urls, quick responses, Customizable graphics, and multiple operators.

It's great to watch how people surf live on your site. It's great to watch people make a purchase.

It's even better to reach out and talk to each surfer and encourage them to make a purchase.

PHWeb will install this software on your website and place agents to cover your off hour "busy hours", so you can get some rest. We can report to you in detail and we have great rates. Take charge of your website today!

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Specifics about our services

We can help you establish your initial or redesigned web presence, inexpensively, without sacrificing quality.
PHWeb can assist you with economical website development, Flash development and scripting, banner design, logo design.We provide web maintenance and update services to keep your website current, saving you time, money and aggravation. All web sites have a need for regular website maintenance. Constant and relevant updates are critical to attract returning visitors and achieving high search engine rankings. Read More


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